Most of our customers call us because they need a furnace or air conditioner repair. Our vehicles are stocked with replacement parts for all different brands. If you want your equipment fixed quickly and correctly, ARS Comfort Solutions is the right choice! What else could be more important to you?

How about customer service! You deserve to be treated with respect and have all your questions answered. We promise to never subject you to a “pushy” sales pitch. Our goal is to add you to the growing list of clients that will always call ARS Comfort Solutions for their heating and air conditioning needs.

Every Service Call:

Shoe covers are worn when our technician is in your home.

All your questions are answered.

Options, if applicable, are clearly explained.

WARRANTY! What a concept! ARS Comfort Solutions stands behind all repairs.


If you’re in the market for a new furnace and/or air conditioner, ARS Comfort Solutions is ready to help! Do you want your new equipment to look and operate its best? We agree! Should your new equipment run as long as possible? Of course!

The highest quality installation starts with the focused attention from the technicians in your home. They are allowed the time needed to be meticulous in every aspect of your project. As factory trained technicians, we understand your new furnace and air conditioner inside and out.

Maintenance / Tune-Up

If you want your furnace and air conditioner to run for years to come, this doesn’t happen by chance. Regular maintenance is needed! Many components require cleaning or adjustment in order to operate efficiently and safely.

Our technicians are often able to make minor adjustments that make a big improvement in overall efficiency. We document the state of your equipment so we can track changes over the years and pinpoint any areas that may need attention. ARS Comfort Solutions is ready to keep your equipment in top shape!

Zone System

Does your home have multiple story’s? Are there areas in your house that are too hot or too cold? At times, these can be repaired with simple duct work adjustments. In more severe cases, a zone system is the right choice to stay comfortable year-round.

What is a zone system and are they simple to design?

A zone system can direct airflow to one area of the house or another. If the entire home needs heat or cooling, a zone system can allow that as well. You can use multiple thermostats to control the different areas of your home. This is all handled by connecting those thermostats to a central circuit board. That circuit board operates your furnace, air conditioner and electronic dampers in the duct work.

Installing those components is not necessarily difficult but it does matter who you choose to design and install it. An improperly designed zone system will lead to early break downs in your furnace and air conditioner. We design and install dozens of zone systems every year. Each one is unique and requires detailed attention during the design process and while fine tuning its operation.

Whether you want us to install it with your existing heating and cooling system or you’re ready to add it to new equipment, our zone systems will enhance the comfort level of your home.

Air Balancing

As seen on our Credentials page, in the About Us section, we are certified air balancers. We care how our systems operate. Even after expert design and installation, you may want the airflow adjusted to your personal preferences. The customer is always right, and we are happy to make those adjustments for you!

With the help of fine-tuned tools engineered for air balancing, we can provide an unmatched level comfort!

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“My air conditioner stopped running and I called this company for advise and possible service to repair it.  The person I talked with was courteous and helpful.  After talking with him, I made an appointment to have a repair person come out.  This was Friday afternoon and I made the appointment for the following Monday.  Within a few minutes, I received a call-back from ARS letting me know they had a technician in the area and they were sending him out within the hour.  That was great ne…

Sharon M. - Morgan Hill, CA