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Today, most average technicians are the ones designing the system going into your home. They use a “ductulator,” on occasion, to determine what size ducts to install in your home. Almost all installation and service technicians know nothing about the Heating and Cooling Load put on your house, the Load on each room, the Static-Pressure in your HVAC system and how all these factors play into the size of your equipment and your total energy efficiency. This takes time, money and special training that most companies find unnecessary. They couldn’t be more wrong!

ARS Comfort Solutions regularly uses Manual-J and Manual-D applications to ensure a strong design and a great end result.
We don’t hold the individual Installation Technician responsible for the design of your HVAC system. The designing process can’t necessarily be done in the field. Designing takes Computer Programs, Books, Formulas and the right mind set to ensure the best possible job. Using these Computer Programs also takes extra training and would distract the Technicians from their everyday tasks. On some jobs, the HVAC Design Engineer will work side by side with other Engineering and Auto-CAD companies to ensure the best possible design. Every Job is different, the performance should all match! That’s what we strive to do!

Simple things, such as adding dampers to each run and sealing our system together with Duct Mastic, truly add longevity to your system and increase the value of the work when it’s finished. These things are normally left out of common installation practices. ARS Comfort Solutions installs and uses these materials with ALL installations. Even our “Competitive” prices are more valuable because of what our Technicians do every day.

So what if you asked another company to use Mastic and Dampers on your HVAC system? Surprisingly, this could actually damage your HVAC system and shorten its lifespan. When other companies do this, they have a poor design, the sizing is all wrong and they don’t have the tools to check its proper function. ARS Comfort Solutions, on the other hand, is called out to several jobs to find out why people are paying so much in energy and why certain parts of the house still aren’t getting enough air. These are common questions for us that can be answered while other companies just give you excuses. You want results, not excuses! That’s what we’re here for, Solutions and Results!


We can’t stress constant training enough! It’s easy to skip a seminar or class that you already attended in the past few years but at ARS Comfort Solutions we know that reminders are the only way to retain the information we’ve already learned. Our Service Technicians are highly trained and capable people. They don’t just condemn a part or equipment based on a guess. If necessary, the same Service Technician will go out to your house several times to make sure that your problem gets repaired promptly and correctly. The best part… we won’t charge you for the extra trips out to your home. It’s all covered under the initial Trouble-Shoot Price!

No one person can know everything about the design, install or service processes. The best we can do, as a company, is surround ourselves with the informative material and people who best understand and can explain certain aspects of your HVAC System. ARS Comfort Solutions is still constantly striving to improve our intellectual contacts as well as broaden our library of books and manuals. By doing this, if we don’t have the answer to a question that one of our technicians or the client has, we have increased our chances of being able to research and actually find beneficial answers.

Improved Performance Program

Regular Maintenance is not just a good idea, most manufacturers REQUIRE regular maintenance for their Warranty to be valid. 75% of equipment malfunctions can be diagnosed early and repaired. By having a trained technician perform a complete diagnostic and safety check, you have the peace of mind of knowing that your system is performing safely and as efficiently as possible. By maintaining a clean filtration system, you know that the air your family is breathing is clean and healthy.

You only pay $59 for a service call that is not scheduled maintenance. Other benefits include priority service and an additional 15% off all repairs and installations. We can schedule your maintenance an entire year before the work is performed.

  • Refrigeration
  • Wine Cellars
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Combustion Analysis
  • Air Balancing
  • Air Diagnostic


As a company, we are determined to be one of the most versatile companies EVER! We are constantly brushing up on our skills through inside training classes as well as outside classes. Some of the most informative and beneficial classes were held by The National Comfort Institute. A few of these topics were:


There is no way to achieve the highest level of comfort without Air-Balancing. It’s the only way to maintain the same temperature throughout the whole house (+/- 5% of the thermostat display temperature). This is done with a good design and the right tools. The installation includes, as always, dampers. These dampers are adjusted in your attic or under-floor by one technician and the CFMs (Cubic Feet per Minute) of air are measured using a flow hood by another technician at the Register. Each register takes between 1 and 3 minutes to achieve the correct amount of air. We don’t just do this once though. As one damper is adjusted, it affects the air out of all the other Registers. So we double and triple check (or more if necessary) so we can be sure that the Ultimate Comfort Level is achieved.

Combustion Analysis

Did you know that the gas pressure can be adjusted inside your furnace? It’s true. Most Technicians don’t know how to do this and don’t even have access to the proper tools if it was needed. Why would your furnace need to have the gas pressure adjusted? Well every furnace is slightly different, as well as the gas line to every furnace varies. Therefore, by the time the gas combusts, it could be over-firing or under-firing. This affects total system efficiency and the life of your heat exchanger. By not having this properly tuned in, you could be paying more in energy costs than what is necessary.

Yes, it’s true, you may not need these specialties. So why do we spend the time and money on informing ourselves on these subjects? For several reasons; 1-We are staying one step ahead! Someday soon, these will be recognized as necessary practices in every HVAC installation. As energy rises and the State looks for ways to keep energy usage low, these will be recognized as easy fixes to a global problem. 2- There are times when this knowledge is extremely important to fixing a problem. Other companies give you excuses for why these issues couldn’t be resolved while we provide you with the solutions. 3- Even if the technicians themselves don’t fully understand their importance, it is subconsciously shown through installation practices. If they understand the long term results for installing an undersized duct or leaving a furnace over firing, they are more likely to fix it without hesitation.